Thriving through Uncertainty – Constructing Excellence Conference 2023

Society has been through over two years of unprecedented disruption, stimulating irreversible change in how we live and work. In our new reality we are embracing digitalisation like never before, the need to tackle net zero and climate change is at the heart of government and business decision making.  Global uncertainty is driving inflation, disrupting supply chains and creating a skills shortage.

The Construction Industry has been innovating like never before through initiatives like the Transforming Construction Challenge and the Construction Innovation Hub. The government through the Construction Playbook and changes to procurement regulations wants to see this innovation deployed at scale.   We will be asking how do we implement this transformation.

This conference will bring together key influencers from across the Constructing Excellence movement and wider industry to consider how we harness this innovation and push for the transformation that will enable us to thrive in our new reality. Follow for detailed agenda and speakers on the day.


Scaling up innovation and technology

Through the Transforming Construction Industry Strategy Challenge Fund over £400 million of public and private investment has been made in new construction products, technologies and techniques. What are those emerging technologies and how will they help us deliver better outcomes? How do we move from research, demonstration and pilots to commercial implementation?

Embracing a culture that allows people and organisations to thrive

How do we create a culture that embraces innovation? How do we finally crack the cultural issues that make it difficult to attract and retain talent in the construction industry? How do we unlock the collaborative culture that is the foundation of Constructing Excellence?

Thriving commercially – the foundations for success

Successful transformation needs to be a commercial success. How do we move away from short-term, transactional approaches to deliver thriving organisations and supply chains, based on sound commercial relationships?


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Jan 25 2023


9:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Constructing Excellence


BMA House
London, UK


Antoinette Campbell
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