Digital Construction – A Creative Challenge?

21st of March 2024 from 3pm to 5pm.


What role can the Creative Industries play in digital construction?  How can construction benefit from the advanced techniques and tools developed for gaming and film?


That is exactly what the CE Digital Group will be finding out in this workshop hosted by Unit9, a global innovation partner built from a team of skilled strategists, innovation architects, product designers, software engineers, gaming experts, art directors, producers and film directors.  They’ve worked with some big name brands from Samsung to Channel4 to Disney – this is an excellent opportunity to explore how their unique perspective can be translated to construction.  UNIT9 | Learn more about what we do as a production studio.


During this event there will be 3 sessions followed by a Q&A session and networking:

  • Session 1: Innovation from the creative sector applied to the construction industry.
    Presentation of Immersive Spatial Design Capabilities by the Spatial design team at Unit9
  • Session 2: Immersive Construction with Unit9’s VICTOR
    Demonstrating VICTOR’s use cases in an Immersive Construction Environment by Unit 9
  • Session 3: Advancements in Construction Technology
    Exploring Camera Technologies and AI capabilities on Construction Sites by Evercam
  • Q&A Session moderated by CE
  • Networking



BRE and Constructing Excellence are currently partnering with UNIT9 on VICTOR, an InnovateUK supported R&D project.  VICTOR focuses on leveraging spatiotemporal data and technology to create a virtual site representation that enables remote experts to address on-site issues without needing physical access.  It enables:


  • Integration of Data Sources
  • Navigation and Annotation Tools
  • Remote Collaboration
  • AI/Language Model (LLM) Integration


Join us on  21st March to explore the project and find out how these unique skills can be applied in construction – there might even be some whizzy tech to play with!



Mar 21 2024


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Constructing Excellence


Unit 9
12 Swan Yard, London N1 1SD, UK


Antoinette Campbell
[email protected]
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