CE Collaborative Working Mentors: Collaboration – the Foundation of Successful Delivery

***This is an invite only event***

Collaboration is tried and tested as the mechanism to deliver better performance.  In any walk of life collaboration is critical to delivering better outcomes. The benefits of collaborative working and delivery are significant and backed up by a robust body of evidence. Yet construction continues to see it as something special, those who embrace collaborative working continue to be viewed as trailblazers.

Every inquiry into the construction industry over the past century Banwell, Latham, Egan and Farmer have all pointed towards collaborative working.  The Construction Playbook, Constructing the Gold Standard, Project 13, The Value Toolkit and industrialised construction all rely on collaborative working to deliver a vision for a better built environment.

Constructing Excellence has a wealth of evidence from trial projects, award winners and case studies on the tangible benefits of collaborative working yet it fails to be standard practice across the industry. Last year Constructing Excellence published a report to describe how collaborative alliancing has emerged and to commend its adoption.


This roundtable will consider how we accelerate the adoption of collaborative working, including:

  • What can we learn from projects and organisations that have successfully implemented collaborative working?
  • How do we ensure that collaboration is fully embedded in projects?
  • How can we ensure that it doesn’t get dropped?
  • How do we prevent people reverting to common practices when things get tough?
  • What are the critical features of good collaboration?
  • What can we learn from where collaboration hasn’t gone to plan?
  • What are the real and perceived difficulties and obstacles to using and benefiting from collaboration on construction projects?
  • So what?
***This is an invite only event***
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Jun 12 2024


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Constructing Excellence


Farrer & Co
66 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A3LH


Antoinette Campbell
[email protected]
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